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BDO main objective is to ensure exceptional service to their customers and are confident that this service will only be achieved with highly motivated staff. Therefore, for all those professionals interested in working in BDO, our Firm launches all the tools available to provide our professionals all necessary training and encouragement to help them reach their full potential.


Why BDO?
The expertise acquired by BDO since its foundation in the local and international environment allows customers to have the skills necessary to perform the required services.

The use of methodologies and common IT platforms in all BDO Member Firms, in addition to the exchange of knowledge and best practices are fundamental pillars of our service, ensuring an effective and efficient service to all our customers. In addition, a robust process of accreditation and quality control ensures the maintenance of standards of service excellence.

BDO is the 5th worldwide network of auditing and consulting. Our current position within the national and international leading professional services is a tribute to our commitment and mission as a company, as well as the generations to be followed by our effort.

BDO in the Dominican Republic, together with the firms that make up the Global Network BDO International, make the perfect and ideal combination to meet the needs of our customers.

Offer quality, integrity and fairness in all our work, hence we have earned the respect of the community for over 34 years.

open vacancies


Requirements and competencies


Requirements and competencies

Interested Send CV to this address: [email protected]