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  • Consumer business

Consumer business


For the last several years, retail and consumer product companies have competed in a rapidly evolving industry. International expansion, M&A, e-commerce, cybersecurity concerns, and changes in the supply chain have companies transforming their operations and business models to keep up with the latest developments. 
BDO’s Consumer Business Practice understands the factors reshaping the world of retail. Through assurance, tax, and consulting services, BDO serves a variety of businesses in the consumer products, franchise, and food and beverage industries.
From proprietary research to timely reports, BDO publishes extensive thought leadership to help companies make informed business decisions. BDO also regularly conducts surveys to gain insight on the factors that are affecting consumer confidence and spending levels. And as many consumer businesses explore opportunities to expand their operations overseas, BDO taps its vast international network to provide clients with the insight and resources necessary to navigate increasingly complex business landscapes.