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  • Consumer Products

Consumer Products

Successfully reaching today’s tech-savvy consumers.

Today’s consumer products companies are selling to shoppers who expect value and convenience. As a result, they must tailor strategies to offer discounts that are available not only in brick-and-mortar stores, but online as well, where the e-commerce industry continues to grow rapidly year over year.
Through surveys, quarterly publications, newsletters, and research reports, BDO’s Consumer Business Practice offers insight on the industry’s most significant challenges. From the rise in cybercrime, to changing supply chain dynamics, BDO is aware of the challenges and opportunities facing consumer products companies.
BDO uses a global network of professionals to assist companies looking to expand their business overseas or sell U.S. brands in new markets. Domestically, BDO guides companies through the numerous tax issues arising from growing ecommerce and related legislative implications, including The Marketplace Fairness Act.