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  • Retail

Global, adapted, and virtual: the future of shopping.

Changing economic trends, finicky buyers, and industry consolidation retail retailers have adjusted their business models, either by selling the US brands abroad or invest more in operations to thwart cybersecurity.

Consumer Business Conduct BDO helps companies to compete in a subject to transformation market, through specific knowledge of the industry in terms of regulation, reporting requirements and complicated taxes - all of which vary widely by state and country. In 2010, BDO was the first major accounting firm to launch a blog focused retail and consumer and Twitter, and continue to provide thought leadership on news and trends impacting the sector.

More and more consumers are using mobile devices to make purchases, and BDO provides guidance to companies on how to make the most of the growing trend. BDO has helped many retailers in their most important tasks, either by offering guidance on access to capital, expanding operations, or the best way to maximize returns for investors