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  • Consultations

    Our professionals help our clients align strategies and gain a competitive advantage.


Information is key, and Financial Services Practice Advisory BDO based on deep expertise to help clients make business decisions. Maintaining a comprehensive view of regulatory changes and global risks today, our professionals interpret the data that helps customers take effective action at the right time, with good judgment. In addition, the continuity of our teams throughout the due diligence process ensures rigor and efficiency.
Research Due Diligence - Due Diligence Research Practice of BDO helps clients make business decisions. Our multidisciplinary work teams to exploit global BDO network and technological resources to provide reports designed specifically for the individual risk profile of each customer and their preferences.
Alternative Investment Services - Increasing regulation requires companies to conduct a thorough and objective analysis. As companies continue to face the consequences of the Dodd-Frank Act and other types of complex information governance and regulatory developments, BDO provides independent and objective guidance to help customers make business decisions.
Against Money Laundering and OFAC Compliance - BDO Consulting Anti-Money Laundering and Practice OFAC compliance helps financial institutions, funds and organizations, providing compliance advice and forensics to help meet regulatory requirements services, enforcement actions address, and mitigate risks.