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  • Games, Hospitality and Leisure

    BDO professionals help clients manage change consumer behavior, stronger economies and increased competition.

Consolidated Casinos, new hotels, more challenges.

Driven by the improving economic trends and new consumer behavior, widespread changes are putting pressure on the gaming industry, hospitality and leisure. For commercial casinos, consolidation has increased by expanding international market; companies merge with each other to gain more market share and reduce competition. Meanwhile, new hotels and resorts continue to emerge, and companies are keeping an eye on the future, closely following preferences millennials.

BDO is one of the few global firms to devote a practice of serving the gaming sectors, hospitality and leisure. We provide hotel consulting, mergers and due diligence, debt restructuring, and international tax planning services to clients throughout the country and around the world.

Through articles, lectures, and research reports, BDO professionals are at the forefront of critical industry issues, publishing ideas and discuss a variety of challenges and emerging opportunities. Our international business team keeps up with the proposed tax laws and changes in the regulations, which provides proactive guidance as companies restructure and reorganize its operations in view of new industry trends