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  • Manufacturing and Distribution

    BDO helps customers navigate complex and competitive market today.

Manufacturing & Distribution


Specifically tailored solutions to our customers.

Declining energy costs are helping US manufacturers become more competitive. Although from the perspective of the supply chain, manufacturers are seeing the benefits of staying close to home, more regulation, infrastructure and health care costs continue to weigh on the minds of many manufacturers and distributors.

BDO understands these challenges and offers integrated services specifically tailored to meet the needs of our customers. The tax consequences of the global expansion of the completion of due diligence for an acquisition, we can help you navigate the many issues affecting your business. We are well versed in the financial market issues facing the manufacturing and distribution as well as regulatory and compliance challenges posed by each area in which it operates - liquidity problems in labor costs.

Through our Resource Network BDO, we offer access to a network of professionals from diverse backgrounds in the industry that can provide information, expertise and guidance. We serve companies that span the spectrum, from food processors and transport equipment to plastics and fabricated metals.