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  • BDO International Business Compass 2016

BDO International Business Compass 2016

08 September 2016

In the history of economics, spectacular innovations have always been revolutionary events. Often they have paved the way for numerous innovations resulting in a wide range of fields. Not only do these innovations improve productivity, but made tangible changes in the way we live and do business. There are many indications that we are currently on the verge of a new boom, innovation unmatched. In particular, the digitization process has the potential to shape the future of our society through a number of application fields, such as digital intelligence, robotics and 3D printing. Drivers of growth, innovation can aggravate this in the long term. As you move the scanning process, increasingly complex solutions will be in demand. In addition, due to the identification of the products and the marketing of many more ideas can be implemented as innovations in the past. From a commercial standpoint, the ability of a location to produce successful innovations therefore also become a much more important in choosing a location factor. Therefore, the focus of the issue of BDO International Compass Business this year is the ability of countries to innovation. We analyze the general conditions for innovation, investment and research indicators and successful research from one country to another. In addition to our in depth look at innovation, the updated IBC general index as a criterion for classification it is presented local appeal. For the fifth time, we have evaluated the general economic, political and cultural conditions of different countries and they become illustrative statistics. On the other hand, production companies and sub-indices have been updated from the previous year. This makes it possible to compare countries in terms of their attractiveness as centers of production and marketing. With this analysis we hope to provide business decision makers with a useful tool for selecting locations for their businesses. About BDO International Compass Business BDO International Business Compass was first developed in 2012 in collaboration with the renowned Institute for International Economics in Hamburg (HWWI), and is being published for the fifth time in 2016. Most companies have a desire to act globally. This is a big step for many and, despite significant opportunities, can lead to high risks that require careful evaluation that are long and costly. The BDO Compass is a unique web tool that provides a means to assess the overall social and economic development of countries and regions, ultimately making it possible to rank countries in terms of investment potential. The compass is also available in pdf format, so a full report and a summary version of the compass data BDO offers is of particular importance for companies operating globally or have the ambition to grow across borders. In addition to providing an overall ranking of 174 countries worldwide, including an assessment of the overall adequacy of each country as a potential market location or production, BDO Compass Web tool also makes it possible to compare the two countries the same period, or over the previous year.