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12 August 2016

Financial management and accounting are some of the issues that small and medium companies are outsourcing to external experts.

Experts say you should not do delegate what part of the core business of the company.

Small and medium businesses have the same problems as large, but not the same level of financial resources to resolve them.

That does not mean to stay behind and with competitive disadvantages.

On the contrary, given the challenges presented, most boasts multiple strategies to move forward and seek support from those who can really bring you.

Given these characteristics, according to Jose Manuel Acosta, president of Human Capital consulting firm leader in the development of solutions in human resource management, "SMEs are becoming increasingly integrated solutions, which has made outsourcing services show growth exponential in them, allowing them to access a set of skills that are not available in their organizations and at the same time, focus on their core business (core business) and to transform their business. "

In Human Resources, for example, payroll outsourcing allows an SME to outsource since the incorporation of new products, payment to employees and to third parties, and the generation of accounting records.

This process frees SMEs from software investments and settlement guarantees payment according to labor and tax legislation.

The outsourcing of personnel administration allows an SME outsource processes backoffice (internal office activities that are not in direct contact with the client) related to the life cycle of employees, contracting, monitoring and updating resumes, occupational health, disability and settlement control of contracts.

Connoisseurs of outsourcing, as Juan Mauricio Hernandez, manager of Organizational Management Gesfinvalor say that in addition to human resource management, you can hire financial management, quality development, organizational and strategic management, accounting management, care requests and complaints, and delivery of goods. Only, he adds, the employer must let themselves their mission processes and, in general, those activities with strategic importance.

business awareness

Thus, according to experts, outsourcing has gone from being a tactical maneuver to reduce costs for routine tasks and temporary staffing, to become a strategic element in the transformation of the company.

In this sense, Acosta says, employers are aware of the need to transform traditional business practices in a more efficient model that allows them to concentrate on the real focus of their business.

Usually, they are aware of the benefits of outsourcing processes that are often out of reach, such as access to technological tools, investment optimization, process flexibility, guarantee the results and certainty in costs operation.

All this allows SMEs to concentrate on the core (heart) of your business and, in this sense, decide which areas necessary support of an external expert in order to achieve greater efficiency and productivity, so before hiring should review the experience and guests attending the signing of choice.