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  • Maria Molina
Maria Molina,  Audit Working Partner

Maria Molina

Audit Working Partner

BDO Dominican Republic




He has over 16 years of professional experience, he has worked with various entities in the sectors: Commercial, Manufacturing, Services, Financial, nonprofit, among other facilities.

academic and technical preparation

Lic Maria Molina is a graduate of Bachelor of Accounting at the University Action, Pro-Education and Culture (APEC). It also has a Master in Management and Productivity and High Graduate in Management at the University APEC. He also holds a Certified Tax Consultant Certificate (C.T.C) in the Tax Association of the Dominican Republic, has participated in training of BDO Audit Staff.

He has also done graduate, important seminars and courses, among which we can mention: Seminar on Policies and Procedures of the IDB, World Bank Audit Institutions and Projects, Training Audit Projects funded by USAID, training on conducting forensic audits, among others