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  • Sport Consulting

Sport Consulting

We are a group of professionals specializing in the sports sector and experience in advising athletes, sports organizations and institutions. Experts in Sports Management for institutional excellence. We collaborate with our customers to help you achieve the maximum of their sporting potential. We rely on a broad network of international connections and professional philosophy that integrate strategy, communication and consultation, adding value to customer assignments.

The services offered by our department Sport Consulting are:

Rating image rights and social responsibility of the athlete.
Defense of rights of the athlete and sports entities.
Analysis and evaluation of the management structure and organization of sports institutions.

  • Legal advice and development of regulations, laws and regulations.
  • Doping Prevention and Regulations.
  • Advice and assistance to Nominations and Event Management: National and International.
  • Previous analysis, planning, design and development of sports venues.
  • Identification and management of sponsorships.
  • Design strategies and sports policies.
  • Marketing and Communication Strategy.