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  • Corporación Delta Intur, S.A.


IMPORTANT MESSAGE Call the new date is May 10, 2012 in the Multipurpose Room of the Business Tower AIRD

BDO Ortega & Asociados, SRL, and its legal successor BDO, SRL., In his capacity as representative of the mass of debenture program issuance of corporate bonds of the company CORPORACION DELTA INTUR, SA, registered in the Registry of Securities Market and products under the SIVEM-044 code, reported in publications in two newspapers of national circulation to the debenture program issuance of corporate bonds of the company CORPORACION DELTA INTUR, SA, registered in the Register of Market & Products under the SIVEM-044 code, that is entered into the General Assembly of Bondholders would be carried out on Twenty (20) of April, two thousand twelve (2012), at ten o'clock (10:00) am on the Business Tower AIRD located at Avenida Sarasota No. 20, Sector La Julia, of this city, to know the matters contained in the following.:


UNICO: "Request by the Issuer for reducing hipotecariae guarantee the SIVEM-04 d4 issue".

This Assembly could not be held because for the same not the statutory quorum required by law is complete and will be reconvened for the corresponding channels and displayed on this site in the next three days starting Monday April 23, 2012.

As part of have sufficient information so that those who choose to participate, or be represented have sufficient information prior to the date of the meeting analysis, we included an internal link to us, for which they must pre-register and be validated, from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm Monday through Friday.

Opinion letter of March 16, 2012, the Superintendency of Securities of the Dominican Republic against the request made by the Issuer Corporation Delta Intur, S. A. Link to Content

Calls Assemblies. Link to Content

Documents are displayed in the link, and forming a part of the reference information is among others the following:

Previously Agreed Procedures reports in different quarters that has remained in force the issue.

Intimation of the Corporation Delta Intur, S. A., the representative of the mass of bondholders, BDO Ortega & Asociados. SRL.

BDO act of response, SRL, as legal successor of BDO Ortega & Asociados, SRL, to the alleged actions of the Corporation Delta Intur, S.A., regarding the reduction of the guarantee Hipotecaria.

Information reports Fitch credit rating rating, made in relation to the Corporation Delta Intur, S. A.,

Report appraisals made by Ing. Victor L Mena, with respect to the two properties as collateral located in the area of ​​urbanization "Ciudad Satelite Duarte" and "Prados de San Luis," both appraisals yield values ​​for RD $ 700,000,000 and RD $ 1,400,000,000 respectively. Note:. BDO, SRL, requested the independent appraiser certification, and knowledge of the purposes and uses of appraisals, without so far successfully received from us.

Satellite City Duarte report
San Luis Prado Report
Powers model representation of the assembly.

It is important to remember to bondholders be represented in the assembly, which powers if they correspond to natural and legal persons must be duly notarized, and if treated in a legal person, must be submitted together with the extract of the minutes of the competent authority within the legal entity with the ability to provide power.

Those interested in receiving all documentation in electronic format (CD) puden pick them up during working hours Av. Jose Ortega y Gasset No. 46, esq. Tetelo Vargas, Ortega Professional Building in the reception area. Ask us confirm their attendance by calling 809 472-1565 Ext. 229

The meeting finally took place last day May 10, 2012, at the time and place mentioned in the call, and a copy of the record containing all transcurrrido during the assembly can be downloaded at the following link.