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  • Transfer Price

Transfer prices

The objective of our work is the development of the final study that supports compliance with the provisions of the Dominican legal framework, identified in the transfer pricing legislation, which establishes the rules applicable to the operations carried out between related or related parties, established by the General Directorate of Internal Taxes (DGII), as well as the considerations introduced in the Tax Reform, Law 253-12.

The work will be carried out in three stages and its objective will be to advise the Company's management on the proper tax treatment of the operations identified. The stages of the project are as follows:

First stage: Diagnosis and Information gathering

Second stage: Risk Analysis.

Third stage: Choice of the most appropriate method for the operations carried out by the Company.


According to the transfer pricing regulation (78-14), article 18, in its paragraph V, establishes that those taxpayers, whose operations with related parties do not exceed altogether, in the fiscal year in question, the sum of ten million Dominican pesos (RD $ 10,000,000.00), adjusted annually for inflation, and that do not carry out operations with residents in tax havens or preferential tax regimes .